Friday, December 20, 2019

Bumped app review - Get free fractional stocks from the selected brands that you shop

Bumped app review
Bumped is a new start-up company that gives fractional shares of a company as a reward if you spend your money on that brand.  They are testing as beta and currently, the signup process is invite-only. I waited for 7 months on the waiting list to get the invitation. Because they are in the beta stage so there are not enough brands to select in the portfolio and they give the brands randomly so you may not get the brands that you love. But I am enjoying the app because the fractional shares that I will get is a bonus addition.

You can sign in using the link. The link: Sign up. After the signup process, you have to connect your credit cards and bank accounts in the app and they will monitor your expense and will add the fractional shares of the company that you have in your portfolio. Under the loyalties, you will get the options for the selection of a company or brand. Unfortunately, they have selected the brands for me randomly. That was the only thing I did not like in the app. I am really disappointed that I haven't got Walmart in my option. I shop a lot at Walmart.

I have got 9 categories to select. They are
  1. Club Warehouse
  2. Coffee
  3. Convenience store/ gas
  4. Entertainment
  5. Grocery
  6. Personal Care
  7. Quick Eats
  8. Ride Sharing 
  9. Vineyard

Under the club warehouse, I have got Sam's Club and with that, I can get 1% shares of Vanguard Total Index (VTI). I sometimes shop in Sam's but I am not planning to renew my membership when it expires. So this will be useless after the membership expiration.

My second category is the Coffee category. Here you have the option to choose from various coffee shops. I decided to choose Dunkin Brands. I don't drink coffee that much so this category will also not help me. maybe twice a year I go to the Dunkins to buy donutes.

The next category is the one I will get the reward on a regular basis. They gave me the option to select an energy company. I choose Chevron (CVX), as it is just next to my working place. The downside is that I will get only 0.5% of my spending on gas. So definitely, I will not get enough stocks of CVX for the long term.

The following category I got, is named as Entertainment. Unfortunately, I don't spend money on Netflix or Spotify. I use sling tv and I don't have it in my account. So that is a disappointment. I am a complete Xfinity customer. I use their internet, tv and mobile service. Hopefully, they will add Comcast (CMCSA) stock into their portfolio. I have selected AMC but I don't actually watch movies in the hall. I sometimes rent movies from youtube movies which cost me only $3.99.

The Grocery category is totally useless for me as there is no Kroger near my place. Hopefully, they will add more brands under this category.

Another useless category for me is personal care. I never went to these brands for shopping.

The next category is a good one for me as I sometimes go to Mcdonald's for eating. My kids also love to eat in Mcdonald's and I personally own MCD stocks in my portfolio. I will get 3% MCD shares when I spend money in MCD. That's a good pick for me.

I also got ride-sharing UBER and LYFT to choose from. I have selected UBER but I don't use that much. I live in downtown Miami, FL and there are tri-rails and metro buses available. The last Vineyards is of no use for me as I am non-alcoholic.

Sign-up Bonus:

Ok, this is interesting. As I have read some blogs about Bumped and I have never seen that anyone got any sign-up bonuses. I have got in total $25 worth of stocks from Exxon (XOM), Chevron (CVX), and McDonald's (MCD). So on the very first day the value of my portfolio is $25.12 with $10 worth shares of XOM & CVX, and $5 worth of MCD.

The first reward I got is from Chevron. This station is near my working place and I got $0.09 worth of CVX share which is nothing but if you continue to use this app and reinvest the dividends it will grow definitely and always consider this in mind that these are free stocks.

I would say this is a great and unique idea from Bumped. I think this will help both the customers and the companies. I would be very happy if they keep adding more brands with time. What I am missing is Walmart, eBay, Amazon, BestBuy, Google, and Comcast stocks from them.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Portfolio Update November 2019

Portfolio Update on November 2019

Today I am sharing my portfolio at the end of November 2019. I am holding 30 stocks in my portfolio. I will hold all the stocks for a longer time. My main aim is to invest in dividend growth company stocks and reinvest all the dividends that I am receiving. Last month I did not purchase any new stocks. Currently, I am holding cash and want to wait until the market pullbacks. I actually love to time the market rather buying stocks at random prices. It's always good to buy stocks at a discounted price because purchasing stocks at a lower price gives you the chance to purchase more stocks and hence more dividends. The chart below shows my current portfolio and sector distribution of my portfolio.

The pie chart below shows diversity. The chart indicates a well-diversified portfolio with Apple (AAPL) is my highest position. Apple's recent surge increased my holding percentage a little high. My next big holdings are JP Morgan (JPM), Abbvie (ABBV), Home Depot (HD), and 3M (MMM).

The sector distribution of my portfolio has been shown in the following pie chart. The sectors are based on Morningstar. My highest position is in the consumer sector with 21%. My second and third largest positions are in the healthcare and financial sectors respectively. Recent bull case in the healthcare sector pushed my position in healthcare to second position. My position in tech sector also went up because of the jump in Apple and Microsoft stocks in my portfolio.

The meter below shows my projected income in terms of dividends. On November 30th my projected income through dividend was $1079.89. I have set my first target to $100 per month from dividends which is $1200 per year. Compared to last month my dividend increased from $1068.32. The increase in dividends is due to the 10% increase in dividends from Abbvie (ABBV). 

The current yield of my portfolio is 2.91% while my Yield of cost (YOC) is 3.6%. 

The following figure shows the comparison of my current yield and the YOC with time. It shows that the YOC of my portfolio is going up while my current yield is below the YOC. Because I invest in dividend growth stocks that's why my YOC will keep increasing with time. However, Current yield depends on the market volatility. If the market is up the yield drops and if the market is down then the yield increases.

The following chart shows my growth in projected annual income with time. It is slowly but steadily increasing and reaching to achieve my first goal. 

The table below summarizes the dividends that I received in November 2019. This month I have received dividends from the top 2 largest paying companies Abbvie (ABBV) and At&t (T).

The following table shows the detailed performances of my portfolio. The current prices are based on November 30th 2019. So these prices does not reflect the current price in the market. In the chart, I have shared my current positions, annual income that I will receive in a year, total received dividends from the companies, and finally the gain or loss for each company. Please note that I have added the total dividends received to calculate the gain or loss. I am gaining almost all the stocks except KHC and ALB. My biggest gains so far are Mastercard (MA), Microsoft (MSFT), Procter & Gamble (PG), and Visa (V). I am invested for a long term in all the companies. 

Sunday, December 1, 2019

Dividend Received in November 2019

Dividends Received in November 2019

In November 2019, I have received a total of $89.69 in dividends. The chart below shows the amount of dividends I received each month in 2019. This month my dividend increased from $81.24 to $89.69 compared to the last quarter which is due to my addition of Abbvie (ABBV) and Bristol-Myers (BMY) stocks in my portfolio. Another reason for the increase is because of the increase in dividends from The Texas Instruments (TXN). On the other hand, I sold half of my position in Mastercard (MA) where dividends decreased $1.65.

The next table shows the total dividends received in 2019 from my portfolio. In total, I have received $843.17 this year.  

The next table shows my dividend growth performance so far in 2019. The last column of the chart shows the change in dividends compared to the previous year. The box marked green indicates the percentage of dividends increased in the current year while the box with red means a decrease in dividends this year. In the last month, ABBV raised their dividends 10%. This year I got raised from all the stocks except The Kraft & Heinz (KHC).

The chart and table below summarize my dividend distribution in the portfolio. The most percentages of dividends I am receiving are from ABBV and T (At&t) with 11 and 8.52% respectively. I want to balance my dividend percentage and set the limit bar at 6%. This will make sure that I am not dependent only on particular stocks. As I suffered a loss in KHC this year. They cut 36% dividends which lowered my income significantly. At the same time, I don't have to worry about ABBV and T because there is no dividend cut coming from them. Their payout ratio remains in the safe zone. I may add more T if the price drops below $32.

The following chart shows the dividends received monthly from my portfolio. The chart clearly indicates the growth of my monthly dividends with time.

The following chart compares my monthly dividends on a yearly basis. In November 2019, I have received $89.24 while in 2018 in the same month I received $64.65 which is 38.42% YOY growth.

The next chart shows the total amount of dividends received on a quarterly basis. This year, the first three quarter remains the same. I have sold a few stocks in the first few months of the year. Then I invested that money slowly. This quarter the income will go up because the invested stock paid dividends this quarter.

So far my current yield is 2.91% and my yield on cost (YOC) is 3.6%. The increase in YOC is due to the dividend increase of some of my stocks such as ABBV. However, the current yield dropped because of the bullish nature of the market.

My projected annual dividends in November 2019 is $1079. My first goal is to earn $100 monthly which is $1200 a year. I am moving towards my goal gradually every month as you can see from the chart below. I am investing 8% of my salary monthly and also reinvesting all the dividends that I am receiving.