Dividend Growth

Dividend Growth of my Portfolio

The tables below show my monthly dividend growth since June 2017. I did not receive any dividends in June and July 2017. The chart below shows the number of dividends received monthly since 2017.

The bar chart below shows the monthly comparison of the dividends that I received since 2017.

The quarterly distribution of dividends received since 2017. This year my growth remains the same because I have sold some stocks in May and holding cash. I am slowly adding stocks. This quarter my income was the highest compared to the other three quarters.

The following figure shows my projected annual dividend growth. I am updating this graph monthly. In February 2019 I have reached my first milestone $1000 yearly income but in May 2019 I have decided to sell some of my high yield dividend stocks and investing in stocks that give dividends yielding from 2 to 4%. The reason I stopped chasing high yield BDC and REITs because of the indication of a possible market crash in the near future and those high dividend stocks will cut the dividends for sure. 


The following figure shows my monthly projected income through dividends. 


My YOC is growing monthly while my forward yield has ups and downs which depends on the market performance. At the end of February, I have sold BAC, DAL, GM, and IRM and I am slowly adding stocks that are at a great discount.


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