Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Portfolio Update - December 2019

Portfolio Update - December 2019

Today I am sharing my portfolio at the end of December 2019. I am holding 34 stocks in my portfolio. This month I have opened 4 new positions in my portfolio. I have initiated my positions in British Petroleum (BP), L Brands (LB), and Gap Inc (GPS). I am long on BP but I am not long on LB and GPS. I am expecting a short term gain from LB and GPS. They are pretty much down in December and in my opinion, I think they are undervalued. In the coming earnings time, I am expecting a big jump in these two stocks. I am also holding cash because at the current situation of the market it's really hard to find an undervalued stock. The chart below shows my current portfolio and sector distribution of my portfolio.

The pie chart below shows diversity. The chart indicates a well-diversified with Apple (AAPL) is my highest position. Apple's recent surge increased my holding percentage a little high. My next big holdings are JP Morgan (JPM), Abbvie (ABBV), Home Depot (HD), and 3M (MMM).

The sector distribution of my portfolio has been shown in the following pie chart. The sectors are based on Yahoo Finance. My highest position is in the consumer sector with 21.5% combined (both consumer and defensive). My other largest sectors are the healthcare, financial, and technology sectors respectively. 

The meter below shows my projected income in terms of dividends. On 31st December 2019, my projected income through dividends were $1174. I have set my first target to $100 per month form dividends which is $1200 per year. Compared to last month my dividend increased from $1079.89. The increase is due to my investment in higher yield stocks such as. Gap Inc (GPS), L Brands (LB), and British Petroleum (BP).

The current yield of my portfolio is 2.93% while my Yield on Cost (YOC) is 3.75%. Because of my investment in high yield stocks, my income increased 0.05% compared to the last month.

The following figure shows the comparison of my current yield and the YOC with time. It shows that the YOC of my portfolio is going up while my current yield is below the YOC. Because I invest in dividend growth stocks that's why my YOC will keep increasing with time. However, current yield depends on market volatility. If the market is up the yield drops and if the market is down then the yield increases.

The following chart shows my growth in projected annual income with time. It is slowly but steadily increasing and reaching to achieve my first goal.

The table below summarizes the dividends that I received in December 2019. This month I have received the highest amount of dividends. The increase is due to the addition of MMM and JNJ stocks and dividend increases from JNJ, MSFT, V, and MCD.

The following table shows the detailed performances of my portfolio. The current prices are based on December 31st, 2019. So the prices do not reflect the current price in the market. In the chart, I have shared my current positions, annual income that I will receive in a year, total received dividends from the companies, and finally the gain or loss for each company. Please note that I have added the total dividends received to calculate the gain or loss for each company. My biggest gain so far is MSFT, MA, AAPL, V, and PG. I am invested in a long term in all the companies.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Monthly Dividend Update December 2019

December 2019 - Monthly Dividend Update

In December 2019, I have received a total of $119.65 in dividends. The chart below shows the amount of money received in dividends each month in 2019. This month was the highest amount I received since I started to invest. This month my dividend increased from $101.56 to $119.65 which is a 17.8% increase compared to the last quarter (September). The increase is due to the addition of Exxon Mobil (XOM) in my portfolio. I have also purchased a few stocks of Johnson & Johnson (JNJ), 3M (MMM), and Emerson Electric (EMR). Other than that my income also increased because of the dividend increase from Pfizer (PFE), Microsoft (MSFT), McDonald's (MCD), and Visa (V). On the other hand, I have sold half of my positions in Honeywell (HON). Because of this, my dividend decreased a little bit. 

The next table shows the total dividends received in 2019 from my portfolio. In total, I have received $968.59 in the year. Last year I received $422 in dividends. So this year I have doubled my income.

The next table shows my dividend growth performance in 2019. The last column of the chart shows the change in dividends compared to the previous year. The box marked green indicates the percentage of dividends increased in the current year while the box with red means a decrease in dividends this year. In the last month, I got dividend raise from Bristol-Myers (BMY) 9.8%, Dominion Energy (D), 2.5%, Iron Mountain (IRM) 1.23%, Mastercard (MA) 21.2% and At&t (T) 2%. The increase in dividends raised $8 income in a year. In 2019, I got raised from all the companies except The Kraft & Heinz (KHC).

The chart and table below summarize my dividend distribution in the portfolio. The most percentages of dividends I am receiving are from ABBV and T. I need to diversify my dividend income. I am receiving most of my dividends from a few companies. Specifically, I am worried about KHC. They may cut the dividends again this year. Currently, it is 5.4% in my portfolio. So like last year it may significantly lower my income.

The following chart shows the dividends received monthly from my portfolio. The chart clearly indicates the growth of my monthly dividends with time.

The following chart compares my monthly dividends on a yearly basis. In the last month, I have received $119.65 while in 2018 in the same month I received $82.36 which is 45.28% YOY growth.

The next chart shows the total amount of dividends received on a quarterly basis. This year, the first three quarters remained the same. However, This quarter my income increased compared to the last quarter.  This quarter my income is $270.17 which is 17.07% growth. Again, compared to 2018 Q4 it increased by 42.47%. 

My current yield is 2.93% and my yield of cost (YOC) is 3.75%. This month my YOC increase because of my investment in new stocks which has high yields and also due to the increase in dividends to a few positions in my portfolio.

My projected annual dividends in December 2019 is $1174.76. This month I got a $100 increase in yearly income through dividends. I have added three new positions in my portfolio. I will write about those new additions in my next blog.

The chart below shows the average dividend income received monthly. My average income is almost reaching my first goal of receiving $100 monthly.